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Get Learning Plan Approved

Eligiblity for Language Training

The Treasury Board’s Policy on Learning, Training and Development states that “employees at all levels will acquire and maintain the knowledge, skills and competencies related to their level and functions”.   For workers in the National Capital region who are in a bilingual designated job, this means that language training is seen by the government as a required skill.  Employees in bilingual designated jobs are entitled to receive language training to get to the prescribed level to maintain that level of bilingualism.  

If your position is not designated bilingual, or if you have already obtained the minimum level of bilingualism that your position requires and want to gain even more fluency in English, your manager will still consider language training since improved language skills would make you a more competent employee.  

The Treasury Board's expectations are clear that ongoing training is the responsibility of managers and employees alike.  Under normal circumstances, managers are expected to provide training to their employees.  Generally speaking, managers are willing to support requests for language training when asked. 

Step 1.  Asking your manager for Training

The first thing you must do is simply ask your manager for English training.  You might explain your need for language training or how the training would help you to do your job more competently. 

Step 2: Submitting a Learning Plan to your Manager

The next step will be sumbitting a learning plan to your manager.  The Canada School of the Public Service has an excellent website which even has an online tool to help you to create the learning plan.  Click here to access the CSPS online tool for creating learning plans.

The School of The Public Service encourages employees to seek out non-classroom forms of training and defines tutoring as an approved form of training.  The School of the Public Service directs employees to:

  • Find a tutor, mentor or coach to help you to learn, improve performance, key skills and competencies and/or enhance your career developmen

  • Discuss your learning plan and your career aspirations  

  • Take action

Step 3:  We Will Write a Proposal for Your Training

After you have gotten approval for your learning plan, English Plus will meet with you to create a detailed proposal and a detailed instructional plan.  The instructional plan will contain detailed learning objectives, measurable forms of assessment and evaluation.  These will be specific to your learning needs and will be carefully designed to address your areas of need.  We will write up a proposal for language training which conforms to the Treasury board’s specifications.  Your administrative assistant will draft a short form agreement. These short form agreements are handled routinely by most administrative officers.  Instruction will begin soon after the paperwork is processed.