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Language Training

English Plus offers high quality mobile English training in the Ottawa area. Lessons are available in the following formats:

Private One-to-one Government and Corporate Tutoring

Have you ever wondered how much more quickly you would learn if you had your very own educator overseeing your advancement in English? Tutorials provide optimum conditions for language learning to flourish. Our experience is that students learn much faster by being taught in a one-to-one tutorial. Let us arrange a federal government approved tutorial for you. With a plan is relevant to your learning needs and a teacher who supervises your progression, you will succeed.

Group Lessons for Government and Corporations

If you are you looking for a way to improve your work group’s English, please ask us about our group training solutions? We will come to you with a curriculum and approach that is custom-tailored to meet your group’s specific needs. Our experienced instructors are available to come to you when it’s most convenient. We will build a customized learning solution that enables your team to communicate professionally and confidently.

In-home Tutoring for International Students

Private tutoring for international students is one of our most popular programs.  Academic support and lessons in speaking, reading, academic writing and TOEFL are available. We offer a personal learning plan and all the materials and instruction you will need.

Young Learners Program

Relocating to a new community, a new school, a new culture, and a new language can get in the way of academic success. The goal of our young learners program is to help students to improve their grades and also gain confidence that they need to participate more actively in class, and to make friendships with others.