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English Language Tutoring Now Available to Federal Government Employees

Learn how you can move forward with your very own government approved English Tutor.

Do you feel frustrated with the way that your English training is going? The unfortunate fact is that many government training programs simply don’t produce successful results. In group classes, it is hard for students to get the attention they need. Students often waste their time learning things that they already know or must compete with domineering classmates who monopolize the teacher's attention.

Studying in a tutorial with your own professional teacher offers far better results. Student to teacher ratio is as low as it can possibly be. This allows the teacher to design more meaningful learning activities and more carefully monitor student comprehension. Our experience is that students advance much faster when taught in a tutorial situation – sometimes at almost double the rate. With a plan is relevant to their learning needs and a teacher who supervises their progression, students succeed.

Get your own government approved language tutor and start advancing with your English!

Federal government employees are eligible for private tutoring.  Each year, the government allocates funds for each employee to reveive training.  With a manager’s approval, a learning plan is created which allows workers in bilingual positions to study in a private one-on-one tutorial situation with a qualified teacher.  More public servants than ever before are opting for individualized instruction with excellent results. Why not speak to your manager about this today?  Most managers approve language training when employees make a request for it.     

Let English Plus design a plan that will move you forward. We are dedicated professional educators with a lot of experience teaching public servants. We will lead you to success by finding your needs and addressing them. 

Email us now so that you can find out more about your learning options.